Design budgeting

What inspires you, Is there an existing project of ours you’ve seen that you want, Something on our website,  We would love to work with you to design your project, either with your imagination or ours..

Specific design & budgeting

You tell us the space, we talk about designs, we give you a budget- as a general rule the price for sculptural mosaic tile murals on a flat vertical surface start at $100.00 per square foot. More complex designs and incorporating angles and edges run from 150.00 up to 200.00 per square foot

Final design Finishes

We identify the last details for custom layouts, Tight timeline planning Organizing deposit logistics to get project started.

The ART of true handmade tile

This means that we make every piece of tile with our own hands & paws from start to finish.  Our clay starts out in 25 pound blocks, which we then sculpt each piece into our magical forms and shapes.  Then we let the pieces dry for 5 days. Then we fire for 12 hours, then we paint each piece with a paint brush, then another coat of glaze, once they are glazed, we load them into our kilns to fire—another 12 hours in the kiln. The glaze is what creates all of the beautiful colors you see.  Once all of our tiles have gone through the kiln, we lay them out according to each projects specific design and layout.  Then, we ship them off to you!  So you see, we do every step of our process with real people.  Each piece is touched the least 25 times before it reaches you.

No sculptural mosaic tile order is too small or unimportant for us to make.

We love detail

Even if you do not know what you want- only that you want handmade sculptural tiles, That’s okay! We can and will work with you to make sure you get exactly what you want. This is our way to get to know you and your styles, it is also our way to ensure we gain your trust and you LOVE the project you’re doing. We can make tile for both indoor and outdoor use. For either floor or wall. We use both clay and concrete to form our sculptural tile murals.

We will have each piece labeled, we create a map for your installer, this helping them to have an  easy time putting it together. This is determined on a project to project basis. But all of your tile will be securely packed in boxes and arrive to you ready to be installed.  Or if you wish one of our talented installers can do this for you, as well as grouting. ( an additional cost, for both.) This can all be determined at time of designing.

Most important … what is your timing schedule…. Please take into consideration once we receive your requests and start designing sculpting, painting, firing, glazing, mapping, shipping and installing the time is normally 6 weeks.

Floor textured Tiles

Carved with all kinds of Textures…
Textures are a great way to add character to a project and show off the beauty of handmade ceramic tile!

These tiles are made for walking on, and running on, and rolling on..

Some of our tiles have been installed in an art gallery over 15 years ago, they took the weight of large sculptures being rolled over and over it.  Many ski boots and rubber boots, and high heels have walked over these tiles.

The texture to this specific tile mural were leaves with loads of veins and craggy edges, this also gave a slight benefit to slipper surface.

The design process for the floor tiles are much like creating a ceramic carpet. They can be an inset to your existing floor, your business logo, or your family crest.  Or fallen leaves that blew in from the forest.

Our designs are timeless and limited only by your imagination or ours!