Want your art career to move forward?
Do you want to keep the entire price of your art sales?
Do you want to spend your valuable time in your studio, and with your family?
Are you aware that you are not telling the right story to sell your art?
Get your Art to the right clients, who will buy it directly from YOU the artist!

A Marketing Plan for Artists who want to sell their own art!


My passion for supporting artists has taken me on a journey over 15 years…my experience working as a gallerist, a gallery owner and curator.  I have gained a remarkable amount of knowledge and insight into the art of selling and marketing artists and artworks

With the right direction, I can help navigate your social media management landscape.  As your creative curator my goal is to be your storyteller, your online representative of you and your art. I have a passion to sell as much of your ART as you can create!  I will creatively formulate your best story in an engaging, fun, yet strategic way to ensure that your ART works stand out, captivate audiences and monetize your authentic style. When it comes to knowing what is working in the world of art networking and social media marketing, as your creative curator I will take you to the next level of your ART career.

In today’s world this is an absolute critical process in getting your ART work in front of the right sets of eyes, merely using word of mouth and telling friends and family is just not enough anymore. Also, sadly, common bricks and mortar galleries simply do not work in selling artists ART works effectively, as they did in the past. With the use of my client lists, contacts and data base interests I will market your art to the right audience.

With proper planning and execution, we can creatively curate your online artist portfolio, to sell your art works directly through your web site allowing you to keep all the profits.

Let’s jump into the next step together, you and your story will stand out online and grow into a business that’s true to your creative spirit.

You need a creative curator!

Penny Eder
Creative Curator

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