Sculptural Tiles

White Dog Studios – make extraordinary sculpture and hand sculpted relief tile murals, that have delighted residences, business and public art spaces for over 20 years.
The uniqueness & adaptability of these sculptures & hand sculptured relief tile murals are sure to enhance any floor, fireplace, business sign, mural- indoor or outdoor space.
Themes for sculptural tiles: Sunflowers, forest, mountains, grotto, snow flake, wildflowers, sea life and animals

Gorgeous Platters and Bowls

Hand-made dishes with added relief pieces to tell a story of the theme of the dish. Each pieces has hours of intricately detail sculpted pieces added on and into the clay. Each bowl is fired and glazed with non -toxic glazes. The pieces are oven, bar-bbq, microwave and dishwasher safe.
No two dishes are ever the same.


Penny makes large scale sculpture in cement, as well as mantel top sculptures for your home.
Many public art installations as well as chairlift sculptures, there is no end to sculptures that can be created. For your home or your yard.

Furry Family Art

These famous dog dishes can be seen in stores, breweries, real estate offices,
restaurants and private homes. To date there are just over 500 made. These
handmade dog bowls can be either square or round. They are decorated with
whimsical bones, heart, stars or noses. We choose colours that make us happy –
mostly bright and bold. We can also match your d├ęcor, or put your business logo on the outside.